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Operation Greengage

Operation Greengage is an investigation by SOCU and the Lancashire Constabulary into gangs who are alleged to have imported firearms and drugs into the country from abroad. Many have been arrested and charged over the last two years in both England and Scotland for firearms and drugs offences.


Maidments Solicitors specialise in the representation and tenacious defence of allegations or charges such as those being investigated under Operation Greengage. We have experienced staff and specialist skills in assisting people related to this operation including in house counsel and Solicitor Advocates who can represent clients in the crown court.

This firm is repeatedly asked to assist clients who have already, at some time, during the course of an investigation or Court proceedings instructed Solicitors.  We are used to dealing with such enquiries and advising as to the transfer of a case from previous Solicitors to this practice.  It is important to those the subject of an investigation or prosecution, that they are confident in the Solicitors that they instruct and that they consider those that act for them are doing everything they possibly can to assist.

Should you wish to discuss this operation with us then please contact us on 0800 988 5124 or click here and send us a message.